Incoterms are the standard trading definitions most commonly used in international trade agreements. The "International Commercial Terms" or Incoterms, are drawn up and published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

The most well-known Incoterms are:

  • EXW (Ex works)
  • FOB (Free on Board)
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)
  • DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)
  • CPT (Carriage Paid To)

In total there are 13 Incoterms. For more information you can visit the Incoterms website or click for a summary chart.

Dutch forwarding conditions

The Dutch forwarding conditions in the latest version deposited by FENEX at the Registry of the District courts at Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam shall apply to all Freightmaster activities and quotations. These general conditions are the standard agreement in the legal relationship between a forwarding and its principals. A forwarding does not commit to transport, but merely to organize the transportation. The forwarder acts as a middleman in the setting up transportion agreements with the carriers on behalf of the shipper.